Client's Success Stories

Mayur went from a huge dry-spell with no offers for over 9 months, to landing his dream job running Engineering for a very well known Company - with a 130% salary increase, all in 12 weeks!

Eli went from unemployed for over a year in a Customer Success Leadership role to a BRAND NEW ROLE in just 8 WEEKS after joining Career Amp!

Kimberly went from undervalued and not fulfilled in her new role to landing interviews on autopilot and landing an elevated role with a big comp increase and bigger title in 8 weeks!

Lauren went from unemployed and hearing crickets for months in her job search to securing a TWO LEVEL promotion and a 160% increase in her compensation...all in 7 weeks!

Erica went from laid off and directionless to a brand new role as a Marketer for a B2B SAAS company in 90 days!

Francine went from quitting a job after 33 years and nervous about landing something, to a brand new role she's THRILLED about in just 6 weeks!

Jose went from crickets on his job search for 9 MONTHS to a brand new offer after only 12 weeks through the Sidedoor method

Melissa went from stuck and no job offers, to a job offer within 4 WEEKS of joining Career Amp and a 20% increase in her compensation!

From 'Spray and Pray' to Landing 3 Tech Offers (and Counting!): Kate's Success Journey with Career AMP

Bes went from laid off in an Engineering role and no offers or interviews for 5+ months, to TWO OFFERS in 6 weeks after joining Career Amp!!!

Anna went from unemployed and nervous about the future, to a new role in 5 weeks!

Brighid went from unemployed and not landing interviews, to a 20% salary increase and new leadership role in just 6 weeks!

Marc going from stuck and unsure about his next career move to a brand new role in 6 WEEKS after starting with Career Amp

From Layoff to a $30,000 Salary Boost: Brianna Addison's Career AMP Transformation

Javier's Journey: From 6 Month of Unemployment to a 35% Salary Boost with Career AMP

Emmanuel went from laid off and trying to land a job for SIX MONTHS on his own, and no offers, to a brand new Engineering role in 12 weeks.

John went from unemployed for 5-6 months before Career Amp to TWO offers in 8 weeks after joining Career Amp!

Sherin went from laid-off and scared about the job market for multiple months to multiple interview rounds and an offer in 12 weeks after joining Career Amp!

Jeanne went from laid off and no interviews, to recruiters reaching out to HER after we revamped her assets, and a brand new role in just 6 weeks!

Ladd went unemployed for two months, to THREE OFFERS and a 120% increase to his last salary, AND a 150% increase to his original offer...all in just 11 WEEKS!

Januari went from unhappy in her role as a Director of HR and struggling to land offers, to her FIRST VP JOB EVER after only 12 weeks inside of Career Amp!

Morgen went from unemployed, making it to final rounds but no offers over several months, to TWO OFFERS in just EIGHT WEEKS after joining Career Amp!

Chris went from unemployed and searching for almost two years, to multiple job offers in just 10 WEEKS after starting Career Amp!

Sarah went from a 5 month job search, to multiple interviews and a $20k raise in just 8 WEEKS after joining Career Amp!

Mike went from laid off and zero offers for 9 months, to MULTIPLE OFFERS and a brand new role at AMAZON with a 60% increase in salary all within 10 weeks after joining Career Amp!

Hemant went from unemployed for 5 months and no offers or interviews, to a brand new, up-leveled role as Director of FP&A in JUST 11 WEEKS after joining Career Amp!

Jenny went from underemployed and no offers for months, to 2 COMPETING JOB OFFERS and a 26% increase to her compensation!

Tom went from laid off and searching for a new role, to a BRAND NEW ROLE and a 60% increase to his comp in just 12 weeks!

Jim went from unemployed in a senior exec role for a few weeks, realized he needed help immediately, and landed a BRAND NEW ROLE in just FOUR WEEKS after enrolling in Career Amp!

Abby made a HUGE pivot (and chose to work with us vs. another program) going from an Executive in a Marketing Firm, to a brand new Partnerships Leadership role at an Organization she's proud of, all with Career Amp's help--and she's already referred people our way!

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The results you see on this page may not be typical. The Human Reach, LLC has professionals as students across a range of industries and functions. Their experiences do not guarantee similar results. Individual results may vary based on your skills, experience, motivation, as well as other unforseen factors. The Company has yet to perform studies of the results of its typical clients. Your results may vary.